A Safe and Energy Efficient door designed for your new or existing home. Let us machine, install and paint it for you.


Choose from Stunning designs, Energy Efficient Windows, carefully choosen color combinations aligned with exterior of the home will make windows beautiful.

window glass
Window Glass

Choose from age old transparent glasses or latest coloured glasses for different part of your home or building carefully analyzing neighbourhood, sun exposure or distance or access from road etc.

wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring

Opt out for Hardwood flooring in combination with carpets for a different look for each part of your home or office.

Door/Window Screens

Control the light or glance to your premises using doors or window screens available in different designs and options.

sun deck
Sun Deck

Enjoy the Winter Sun from your private Sun Deck or Glass room with family and friends on weekend or holidays in a leisure or party mood.

We Strive ....

“ Whether your style is classic, contemporary or ultramodern, our goal is to ensure tension free enjoyment over years of possession.”

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