Window Glass

Glass for Windows significantly adds to the comfort, lighting and aesthetic appeal of homes. Sunflex Windows Glass offers a range of glass allowing you to fill interiors with light whilst offering total safety and security.

Enhanced security glass helps protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of forced break in or damage.

Sunflex Windows has a range of glasses in various sizes for windows, like solar control glass, clear glass, tinted glass, colored glasses to match your exterior and Heat & UV resistance glasses.

Solar Glass:-
Solar Control glass comes with a special coating that cuts heat and allows optimum light into the building. Sunflex Windows has a range of solar control glasses that can be used for windows. These come in several colors to enhance the visual appeal of the home.
Solar control glass can be used to keep interiors more comfortable by preventing excessive heat buildup in sunny weather without the need for costly air conditioning or blinds.
Clear Glass and Tinted Glass:-
Clear Glass & Tinted Glass can be used for glass windows in locations where heat control is not a priority. Clear Glass is ideal for places where ample natural light and high transparency is required.
Tinted glass of desired color can be used to match the decor of exteriors and interiors.a tinted glass which comes in several shades, can be used for windows to complement the ambience of the house.
Heat and UV Resistance Glasses:-
Heat and UV Resistance Glasses improve light by removing up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays most responsible for causing fading on your artwork, furniture, drapes and floors, and harmful sun damage on your skin.